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Not Just a “Business Consultant,” But a Team Motivator


Bianca Moreiras has spent more than 30 years working as a top-level administrator for several different Florida law firms. As a seasoned marketing director and legal administrator, she has an in-depth understanding of what actually works for companies – because she’s seen it firsthand. This allows her to skip past the “trial and error” phase that accompanies many business consultants and jump straight to workable solutions that fit your company’s needs.


Ms. Moreiras began her career with Bedzow & Korn, P.A., and stuck with the firm for 18 years. Over her time there she held multiple titles, including Firm Administrator, Client Relations Director, and Executive Director, with responsibilities that ran the gamut from finances to HR to marketing to client billing to associate recruiting. Her wide array of experience led to more high-level admin jobs with law firms, but it also made Moreiras realize that she possessed a unique combination of skills and experience that she could put to use to truly help businesses.


  • She understands how to step in to an organization and provide an unbiased, critical evaluation.
  • She knows how to develop customized practices and procedures based on an organization’s unique needs and culture.
  • She has practice getting results – whether that meant helping the business in question to grow, reorganize, redirect, or develop – and maximizing profits.
  • She realizes that all of this came back to motivating and encouraging people.


The Birth of Admin911 and Bianca Moreiras’ Voice


In 2004, she put her skills to the test by opening the doors of Admin911 (aka Bianca Moreiras & Associates), a consulting firm created with the goal of helping Florida businesses to grow and thrive. She sought to provide companies who needed a bit of guidance with an outside perspective, as well as come up with simple solutions to complex issues.


Her claim to fame is that she always takes a hands-on approach, working tirelessly to personally seek out and identify areas of weakness and concern in companies. By doing this, she opens the door so that a unique solution can be tailored to fix these concerns before they become true problems.
The business has been more successful than Moreiras could have dreamed, and she has been able to work closely not only with a number of law firms, but also corporations in a variety of other industries, learning about their unique needs and issues.


2004 marked the beginning of another career for Moreiras as well, as she booked her first speaking engagement with the Legal Marketing Association. With her positive energy, infectious enthusiasm, and natural rapport with people, Moreiras had a way of quickly winning over her audience and holding them rapt throughout her presentation. Since that first experience, she has spoken in front of a number of different types of audiences and many different organizations. “You have to engage with the people first” Moreiras states. “Unless you can do this, it almost doesn’t matter what the content is or what kind of work they do, because they won’t be in a receptive state.”


Moreiras understands what it takes to encourage receptivity, and she has successfully used this knowledge in her live presentations, lunch-and-learns, workshops, webinars, and retreats. She even uses it when dealing with the nuts and bolts of consulting, such as going over billing procedures and day-to-day operations.


In large part, it comes down to teaching yourself how to be positive, confident, and organized, and projecting these qualities outward to others. When coworkers and employees see you smiling and positive, it will encourage them to react positively to you because they will see you as confident and self-assured – someone who can be approached and can be emulated and followed without fear.


When positivity and confidence spread throughout a workforce – watch out! It can truly change a culture and reverse a company’s fortunes.


But you have to want it, and you have to be willing to work for it. Practice positivity. Encourage yourself with clear goals. Organize your life and create systems to simplify things. Companies that are able to foster this kind of behavior are the ones that soar. Want to see how it works firsthand? Get in contact with Bianca Moreiras & Associates today.


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Work Experience

Company Position Duration
Wintter & Associates Administrator 2012-2015
Admin 911 – Tri-County Area Owner/Consultant 2004-2012
Isriel Ponzoli Keller & Simpson, P.A. Administrator 2009-2011
Elk, Bankier, Christu & Bakst, LLP – Boca Raton Administrator 2002-2004
Adorno & Yoss, P.A. Marketing Director/Administrator 2001-2002
Bedzow & Korn, P.A. – Aventura Executive Director,/Client Relations 1983-2001


Company Position Duration
Legal Marketing Association Natn’l Chairperson of Member Services 1999-2003
South Florida Legal Marketing Association Member 1998-2011
South Florida Association of Legal Administrations Member 1983-Present
National Association of Legal Administrators Member 1985-Present
South Florida Association of Legal Administrators President 1987-1988
South Florida Association of Legal Administrators FL Bar Liaison for S. Fla Chapter ALA 1992-1994
American Bar Association Associate Member 1994-2000
Florida Bar Practice Management Section Associate Member 1989-2003
Broward County Bar Association Associate Member 2014-Present
Paralegal Advisory Committee Member 2014-Present

Volunteer Affiliation


Tower Forum 2014-present

A Broward County private, nonprofit, nonpartisan business organization. This Broward organization brings business leaders together to indentifying critical issues facing our community, engage in public dialogue and encourage positive change.


Broward Days 2004-2013

A political nonpartisan affiliation assisting the business community at large in order to bring issues concerning Broward County to Tallahassee and to the entire community.


Back on Track Network – Broward Chapter 2010-Present

Back on Track Network is a 501(c)3 organization established to provide spiritual, motivational, and practical support to people who face a career challenge or transition.


Broward College
Member of the Advisory Board for Paralegal Studies 2010-Present
Elected Chairwoman of the Advisory Board for Paralegal Studies 2014-2015
Speed Interviewing: A program to enhance the students interviewing
skills through practice and positive feedback 2015


Broward County Bar Association 2013-Present

Develop for/with the Executive Director monthly educational programs to bring added value and CLE credits to the paralegal section of the association.