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 by Evelyn Morffi, Administrator
Great lunch and learn to celebrate Professional Week 2017

I had to let you know about the wonderful experience our firm had, working with Bianca Moreiras. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of listening to one of Bianca’s presentations, I can say that she is an outstanding motivational speaker (emphasis on “motivation”)! As a former Firm Administrator, Bianca knows the inner workings of a law firm, and her presentations definitely hit right on point with that subject. This year and last, we hired Bianca to make a presentation to our employees, as part of our Administrative Professional’s Day activities. Last year’s presentation, entitled “The Power of Relationships – Strengthening your Network” was a hit amongst the staff. Our employees could relate and apply her suggestions to both their professional, as well as, personal lives. This year’s topic, “Positive Energy, Goal Setting and Organization Skills” was, again, well received. The employees were engaged and they were throwing out questions to Bianca until we ran out of time and had to go back to work. So many employees asked me when we could have Bianca return, in order to continue the presentation. I highly recommend you seek out Bianca’s services – you will see that the employee benefit received will far out weight the time and expense of her presentation..

 by Alexis Botticelli
Trusted friend, coach and partner

I first met Bianca at a CLE and was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm and energy. I just knew she was the right person to help me achieve both my personal and career goals. Through her guidance and experience, I was able to move forward to a healthier and more achievable perspective and ultimately increasing my self-confidence.

 by Nicole DeClercq, Freelance Copywriter
Bianca is A Force to Be Reckoned With!

She’ll push you to do your best work and inspire you to do things you never thought possible. I sought Bianca out after hearing her speak. She provided me with invaluable advice as I began my freelance career.  After working with her, I had the courage to break out on my own and take a bolder approach with my work — and it has made all the difference.


I’m now a full-time freelance writer, doing work I love, with amazing clients. Bianca is a dynamic career coach and speaker who understands the art of connecting with people. Her presence lights up the room and her stories never cease to inspire. I highly recommend her.

 by Lyon Goultiex - CRMC
A trusted friend, resource and inspiration!

Bianca is an exceptional personal and professional. While going through transition professionally and spiritually; Bianca was there for me not only with guidance but hands on assistance as well. I must say that if you are looking for a partner and or individual guidance from someone who is selfless, confident, uplifting and knowledgeable... Bianca should be at the top of your list!

 by Sofia - Paralegal, Miami, Florida
Coaching and Professional Development

I met Bianca at a fantastic seminar about employment, locating the perfect job, resumes and motivation. Her positive energy led me to her and I reached out to her at a time when I was unemployed and seemed to be getting the interview, but not the job. I had lost all hope. I asked her to coach me through the process and she agreed, and when I met with her,I immediately knew she could help me through this difficult time. We met for approximately 4 sessions, and she also counseled me via telephone. She built up my confidence, showed me what I was doing wrong, taught me the best way to interview and guided me through the entire process. She gave me the most positive energy which led to me being so much happier and gainfully employed!

 by Diane Perry-Rojas - Firm Administrator - Meland Russin Budwick
Highly Recommend Bianca's Educational & Entertaining Presentations!

Our very own Bianca Moreiras just left our offices after a wonderful lunch and learn

on Conflict, Resolution and What Keeps You Up at Night!  Although scheduled as a

staff function, several attorneys joined us (I am not sure if it was the CLE credit or the

free lunch).  In addition to verbal appreciation I received, I want to share a couple of

emails I received as soon as the meeting ended:

"Just wanted to say I LOVED her and thought she was great! Wish we could have her on a

monthly basis lol Thanks for finding her!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I loved Bianca Morieras!"

Even one of my “Negative Nancy” paralegals (her self-proclaimed label) told me after the meeting

that she came in skeptical but left with information she could use!

Two of the other staff members researched additional tools Bianca recommended and

sent me the pricing and ordering information so I could place the order!

It really helped matters that one on the managing shareholders took the time to

participate in the meeting.   It showed his commitment to staff and the firm’s

willingness to listen to and support staff.

I would highly recommend taking advantage of Bianca’s vibrant, educational and

entertaining presentations for one of your lunch and learns!

 by Fran E. Zion, Esquire

I was lucky enough to meet Bianca Moreiras when I found myself in the midst of an unexpected dissolution of my law firm. Her years of experience managing law firms and restructuring businesses allowed her to step up and assist me in the transition.  She is always joyous, bright, energetic, and uplifting, which together with her talent allows otherwise uncomfortable situations where you may need her help to be pleasant.

 by Sean W. Monaco President Union Capital Title & Escrow
BMA Crucial For Success

My firm has worked with Bianca Moreiras & Associates for over two years now  Ms. Moreiras exhibits the knowledge and skills necessary to assist in every aspect of the title insurance industry.  From software assistance to final policies, the company is surely a one stop entity.  Another highlight is the ability to make companies more efficient and compliant; a service that is priceless.  if you have not heard of Bianca Moreiras & Associates, you are missing the vital information and process crucial for success. 

 by Brian A. Mangines, Esquire President & General Counsel Auslin Legal Staffing, Inc.

Bianca Moreiras is bright, experienced, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic in all that she does.  I have witnessed first hand her ability to take a firm in crisis, quickly assess the situation, prioritize the issues and lead the firm through a successful merger.  Bianca's persona will, energy, optimism and skill make the difference.  Her creativity and marketing savvy is immediately apparent. I highly recommend Bianca Moreiras to any firm or business that is looking for positive results.

 by Jerome Majzlin, Executive Director, Tower Forum

Ms. Moreiras is a refreshing resource in a sea of consultants, coaches, and corporate catalysts. Her electric personality infuses a pragmatic, carefully analyzed, results-producing approach to the organization conundrums we all face.

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Ms. Moreiras is a refreshing resource in a sea of consultants, coaches, and corporate catalysts. Her electric personality infuses a pragmatic, carefully analyzed, results-producing approach to the organization conundrums we all face.
Jerome Majzlin, Executive Director, Tower Forum
Bianca Moreiras & Associates
I tell agents looking for the new competitive edge or even new agents looking for a few reassuring Bianca.  She knows her stuff and really she is the best.  She will guide you, hold your hand, and make sure that you become a raging success.
Nikki Dominique Software Consultant TSS Software
Bianca Moreiras & Associates
Professionalism, Knowledge, and Experience!
Bianca Moreiras & Associates was highly recommended to help me bring the company's Escrow Account up to date.  The account was 8 months behind and with Bianca's help and optimism she worked with me from beginning to end.  Her professionalism, knowledge, experience and the love for her work make whatever seems impossible, possible.  Now I feel confident that the work is being done correctly and that we are now in full compliance.
Patricia Weisson, Office Manager The Greater Title
Bianca Moreiras & Associates
The Right Decision...
Calling Bianca Moreiras is the right decision...make it your first decision.
Thomas M. Moon, Esquire
Bianca Moreiras & Associates